Reroute Your Plumbing

Reroute Your Plumbing

Hire a remodeling plumber in Dubuque & Peosta, IA

Willenborg Plumbing & Heating, Inc offers affordable plumbing renovations for commercial and residential clients. Rely on us to replace your old pipes and fixtures. We can also reroute your plumbing for a redesign project. We'll help you create a more contemporary and functional space.

Make an appointment with a remodeling plumber in Dubuque, IA today to start planning your kitchen or bathroom renovation.

3 reasons to consider plumbing renovations

If you're remodeling a home, restaurant or office space, you should consider hiring us to renovate your plumbing. We can:

  1. Move your kitchen sink or dishwasher for a new kitchen layout.
  2. Rearrange a cramped bathroom floor plan by moving the toilet.
  3. Upgrade your original bathroom plumbing during a renovation.

Do you have something special in mind for your remodeling project? Let us know! Call Willenborg Plumbing & Heating at 563-556-2134 today to get a free estimate for your plumbing renovation in Dubuque or Peosta, IA.